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Going to the Root is a collection of writings published as a book. Many of the writings are publicly accessible on this blog.

From the Prologue:

These writings intend to explore and understand the very essence of life, to dissolve the lingering and eternal questions, such as, what is the meaning of life; what is love; what is death; is there anything sacred and holy; what is peace; what is beauty; and so on.

It seems that many have given up on this quest for truth, for a real understanding of life. It seems that in the current world, truth has become elusive, without any value. Without right understanding, truth becomes but a shadow made up by words and illusions. What is important is to dissolve the illusions one is attached to. Without them, that vital, flowing quality comes without any effort. Yet, to step on this quest, one must first commit to it. Without a commitment to understanding, without that fire of discontent which drives one to search and question and doubt, one only stagnates in the known, in comfort, in the illusory security of ideologies and beliefs. And, perhaps, at the ending of this search, one can realize that such commitment is totally unnecessary. The search is the essence of the mind, which is time. Only a mind without any motive is open to that which is timeless, true, and sacred.

Life is the movement of learning. Do not stop, and move into the unknown.

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Going to the Root